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Ye7 150% Bonus – Unlock Bonus on Your First 3 Deposits Now!

Unlock the Ye7 150% Bonus on your first 3 deposits! Enjoy incredible rewards and boost your play with Ye7’s exclusive offer. Join now!


Welcome to Ye7 Online Casino, where new members are greeted with an exciting opportunity to boost their gaming experience right from the start. With the Ye7 150% Bonus, you can unlock incredible rewards on your first three deposits.

This promotion offers a total bonus of up to 12,888, giving you more chances to win big on your favorite slot games. This article will guide you through the details of the Ye7 150% Bonus, how to claim it, and the benefits it offers.

How to Claim the Ye7 150% Bonus

Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming the Bonus

Claiming your 150% first deposit bonus at Ye7 is straightforward. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Register an Account: Visit the Ye7 website and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button. Fill in the required details to create your account.
  2. Verify Your Account: Check your email for a verification link from Ye7. Click on the link to verify your account.
  3. Log In: Use your credentials to log in to your new Ye7 account.
  4. Make Your Initial Deposit: Navigate to the cashier section and choose your preferred payment method. Enter the amount you wish to deposit, ensuring it meets the minimum requirement for the bonus.
  5. Select Deposit Channel and Promotion: On the deposit page, select your deposit channel and click the box under the promotion section.
  6. Claim the Bonus: The system will automatically distribute the corresponding bonuses to players who meet the conditions.

Bonuses Table

ApplyBonus %TurnoverGame
1st Deposit30%3xSlot Only
2nd Deposit50%8xSlot Only
3rd Deposit70%12xSlot Only

Bonus Details and Terms

Breakdown of Bonus Percentages and Turnover Requirements

  • 1st Deposit: 30% bonus with a 3x turnover requirement (Slots Only)
  • 2nd Deposit: 50% bonus with an 8x turnover requirement (Slots Only)
  • 3rd Deposit: 70% bonus with a 12x turnover requirement (Slots Only)

Terms and Conditions

  1. You can claim the 150% total bonus on your first 3 deposits.
  2. You can get bonuses of different percentages on your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd deposits.
  3. This promotion is for slots games only.
  4. This offer does not provide any rebate bonus.
  5. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion offer.
  6. The minimum deposit amount is ₱100, and up to ₱300 bonus.
  7. Different percentage bonuses require different turnover.
    • Example: First deposit is ₱100 x 30%, bonus must be ₱30
      • ₱100 + ₱30 = ₱130 x 3 = ₱390
      • The bonus is ₱30 for ₱100 first deposit.
  8. The system will automatically distribute corresponding bonuses to players who meet the conditions.
  9. The bonus and any subsequent earnings linked to it will be taken from players’ accounts if they forfeit this bonus.
  10. The same IP address, mobile number, bank details, and personal information can only be used on one account for granting of bonus.
  11. If players are found to bet illegally, use software and other forms to bet or arbitrage with other players, their accounts will be permanently frozen and all balances will be confiscated.
  12. If you have any questions during the event, please feel free to contact online customer service.
  13. Ye7 reserves the right of final interpretation of the activity, as well as the right to modify and terminate the activity without notice.
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Benefits of the Ye7 150% Bonus

Financial Advantages

The Ye7 150% Bonus provides several financial benefits:

  • Increased Bankroll: The bonus significantly boosts your initial deposits, giving you more funds to play with and increasing your chances of winning.
  • Extended Playtime: With more money in your account, you can enjoy longer gaming sessions without having to make additional deposits.
  • Risk Mitigation: The bonus reduces the financial risk associated with your initial deposits, providing a safety net if you encounter a losing streak.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Beyond the financial perks, the Ye7 150% Bonus enhances your overall gaming experience:

  • Explore More Games: Use the bonus funds to try out new games and discover different features and themes.
  • Higher Stakes: With a larger bankroll, you can place higher bets and potentially win bigger prizes.
  • Exclusive Features: Some games and promotions may only be accessible with bonus funds, giving you access to unique experiences.

Exploring Ye7’s Game Selection

Ye7 offers a diverse range of slot games to suit all preferences. Here are some of the popular categories:

  • Classic Slots: Enjoy traditional 3-reel slots with simple gameplay and nostalgic themes.
  • Video Slots: Discover modern video slots with advanced features, stunning graphics, and engaging storylines.
  • Progressive Jackpots: Take a shot at life-changing sums with progressive jackpot games that accumulate over time, offering massive payouts.

New and Upcoming Slot Game Releases

Ye7 is constantly updating its game library with new and exciting releases. Keep an eye out for:

  • Latest Video Slots: Discover new video slots with cutting-edge graphics, innovative gameplay features, and captivating storylines.
  • Exclusive Games: Play games that are exclusive to Ye7, offering unique experiences you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Seasonal Specials: Enjoy themed games released around holidays and special events, adding a festive twist to your gaming sessions.

Tips for Maximizing Your Bonus

Strategies for Meeting Turnover Requirements

  • Focus on High RTP Slots: RTP (Return to Player) indicates the payout percentage of a slot game. Choosing slots with high RTP can help you meet turnover requirements more efficiently.
  • Manage Your Bankroll: Set a budget for your gaming sessions and stick to it. Avoid chasing losses and play responsibly to maximize your bonus.
  • Take Advantage of Free Spins: Some slots offer free spins as part of their bonus features. Utilize these free spins to meet turnover requirements without risking additional funds.

Best Practices for Managing Your Bankroll

  • Set Limits: Establish daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits to manage your spending and prevent excessive losses.
  • Keep Track of Progress: Regularly monitor your wagering progress towards meeting turnover requirements. This helps you stay on track and plan your gaming sessions accordingly.
  • Avoid High Volatility Slots: High volatility slots can have large payouts but also come with significant risks. Stick to low or medium volatility slots to maintain a steady bankroll.


welcome bonus 150%

Customer Support and Assistance

Available Support Channels

Ye7 offers multiple support channels to ensure that help is always available when you need it:

  • Live Chat: For immediate assistance, use the live chat feature available on the website and app. This is the quickest way to get your questions answered.
  • Email Support: For less urgent inquiries, you can contact the support team via email. Expect a response within 24 hours.
  • Phone Support: Speak directly with a customer service representative by calling the support hotline. This option is ideal for complex issues that require detailed explanations.

Response Times and Quality of Service

Ye7 prides itself on providing prompt and high-quality customer support:

  • Fast Response Times: The live chat feature typically connects you with a support agent within minutes. Email responses are usually delivered within 24 hours.
  • Professional and Friendly Service: The support team is trained to handle a wide range of issues professionally and courteously. Whether you have a technical problem, a question about a promotion, or need help with account management, you can expect knowledgeable and friendly service.


The Ye7 150% Bonus offers an exceptional opportunity for new members to boost their gaming experience right from the start. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily claim your bonus, explore the extensive selection of slot games, and enjoy a secure and fair gaming environment.

With top-notch security measures, a user-friendly interface, and exceptional customer support, Ye7 stands out as a premier choice for online gaming enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity—join Ye7 today and unlock incredible rewards on your first three deposits!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the Ye7 150% Bonus?

Answer: The Ye7 150% Bonus is a promotion that offers new members a total bonus of up to 12,888 on their first three deposits, with varying percentages and turnover requirements for each deposit.

2. How do I claim the Ye7 150% Bonus on my first 3 deposits?

Answer: To claim the bonus, register a new account at Ye7, verify your account, make your initial deposits, select your deposit channel, and click the box under the promotion section.

3. What are the eligibility criteria for the Ye7 150% Bonus?

Answer: The promotion is available to new users making their first three deposits at Ye7. Each deposit must meet the minimum amount specified in the promotion terms.

4. What are the bonus percentages for each of the first 3 deposits?

Answer: The bonus percentages are 30% for the 1st deposit, 50% for the 2nd deposit, and 70% for the 3rd deposit, each with specific turnover requirements.

5. What are the turnover requirements for the Ye7 150% Bonus?

Answer: The turnover requirements are 3x for the 1st deposit, 8x for the 2nd deposit, and 12x for the 3rd deposit.

6. Are there any game restrictions for the Ye7 150% Bonus?

Answer: Yes, this promotion is for slots games only.

7. How can I maximize the benefits of the Ye7 150% Bonus?

Answer: Focus on high RTP slots, manage your bankroll, and take advantage of free spins to meet turnover requirements more efficiently.

8. What slot games are available at Ye7?

Answer: Ye7 offers a wide range of slot games, including classic slots, video slots, and progressive jackpots, with frequent updates and new releases.

Answer: You can contact Ye7 customer support through live chat, email, and phone. The support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries.

10. Are there any other promotions available at Ye7?

Answer: Yes, Ye7 regularly features other promotions and bonuses, such as free spins, deposit bonuses, loyalty rewards, and special event promotions. Check the promotions section for the latest offers.

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